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Help us get dogs out of shelters, and into their forever homes

Your support helps us give good dogs, who are struggling to shine in our already overcrowded shelters, the support they need to thrive, and find their happily ever afters.

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Over 600,000 dogs die in shelters in America alone every year. And behavior is one of the most common reasons dogs find themselves homeless, and the most common reason they lose their lives. Created by dog trainers and behavior specialists, the Rise Rescue Alliance exists to bring quality training and education to get dogs out of shelters, and to keep them out.

With your support, our team partners with local area shelters, identifying dogs that are struggling to shine in the chaotic and stressful shelter environment - good dogs, who are simply stressed, overwhelmed, or who have easily solvable behavior problems that are preventing their adoption.

We take these dogs into our care, and immediately pair them with a compassionate, reward based trainer where we develop their confidence, teach them new skills, and give them the exercise, enrichment, and care they need to RISE.

Your support also helps us provide meaningful education and training for animal rescue and shelter organizations, as well as bring high quality, low cost training to our communities.

Your support makes it all possible. Let's save more dogs, together.